Best Black MTG New Capenna Limited Draft Common and Uncommon cards

Black has access to some of the format's best removal.

Black in Streets of New Capenna Limited isn’t an aggressive color. It’s looking to play the long game with efficient removal and using the graveyard.

New Capenna is a three-color format with five main archetypes. Black overlaps with Maestros, Obscura, and Riveteers. Each color is trying to play a patient game before blowing the opponent out with late-game bombs.

Maestros wants to use Black to fuel a sacrifice gameplan and bring back Creatures from the graveyard to play them again. Obscura is a more traditional control gameplan and uses Connive for card advantage and evasive threats to end the game. Riveteers looks to attack and use treasure tokens to overwhelm the opponent with threat after threat.

Here are the best Black Limited Common and Uncommon rarity cards to play within the New Capenna Limited Draft format.

Deal Gone Bad

Image via WotC

Deal Gone Bad is a strong removal spell that gets through shield counters and fills your graveyard. It fulfills an important role in decks that want to rely on the graveyard to win the game. These strategies typically take a while to get going, so having a strong removal package is necessary. Deal Gone Bad does the job and then some.

Demon’s Due

Image via WotC

Like Deal Gone Bad, Demon’s Due packs a lot of value into four mana. This potentially digs four cards deep to find key answers or a finisher. In the past few sets, scrying two cards and then drawing two cards is a powerful effect. Losing two life is beneficial in New Capenna Limited because of the life loss synergies in Maestros.

Dusk Mangler

Image via WotC

Dusk Mangler is an Uncommon bomb. When this spell comes down, your opponent’s chances of winning the game definitely go down. This seven-mana 5/4 Creature enters the battlefield and decimates your opponent’s resources. It forces them to sacrifice a Creature, discard a card, and lose four life.

The additional costs shouldn’t be too damaging to you. Black decks have enough graveyard recursion that discarding a card or sacrificing a Creature is generally a temporary loss.



Murder is a simple, bread-and-butter removal spell for Black decks. Every time Murder is reprinted it’s an effective Common option in Limited. The double Black mana cost can be tricky in a three-color set, but that shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Always play Murder.

Raffine’s Silencer

Image via WotC

The three-mana 1/1 body is deceiving. Raffine’s Silencer connives when it enters the battlefield and most times it will be a 2/2, which is a fine body for the cost and value it immediately generates. The death trigger is what makes Raffine’s Silencer excellent. It’s a two-for-one in combat. When it dies, it gives a Creature -X/-X equal to its power. It can trade and take out another Creature.

Raffine’s Silencer is also another card that can instantly kill Creatures with shield counters.