Every MTG Streets of New Capenna Limited archetype

Here's an archetype card starter guide to New Capenna Limited Draft.

Factions are returning to Magic: The Gathering Limited with the release of Streets of New Capenna, a three-color Shard set showcasing five crime families and five secondary two-color archetypes.

Unlike recent MTG Limited formats that contained factions (Strixhaven: School of Mages), the Streets of New Capenna (SNC) set highlights a total of five three-color factions instead of two colors. Each of the five main factions also has a new Magic mechanic designed specifically for each crime family on New Capenna. In addition to the five faction Limited archetypes, there are five two-color secondary archetypes. 

The five New Capenna three-color factions are the focus of the Limited format, showcasing several Mythic Rare and Rare cycles. Each three-color archetype within the SNC Limited format also contains an Uncommon legendary creature, an Uncommon henchman, and an Uncommon Charm. Secondary archetypes have a Rare, Uncommon, and Common Draft signpost, along with an Uncommon two-color noncreature spell.  

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Here are the 10 MTG New Capenna Limited archetypes, along with the legendary creatures, signpost creatures, and support cards for each three-color faction and secondary archetype.  

Brokers (GWU)

The Brokers family operates within Bant (Green, White, and Blue) colors, focusing on protection and control via the Shield Counter mechanic. Falco Spara Pactweaver is the boss of the Brokers family while Soul of Emancipation is the SNC Rare henchman. The Uncommon legendary signpost for the Brokers is Lagrella, the Magpie, and the Uncommon henchman is Disciplined Duelist. 

Obscura (WUB)

Raffine, Scheming Seer is the leader of the Obscura family, representing the Esper (White, Blue, and Black) colors while highlighting looting and counters via the Connive mechanic. Obscura Interceptor is the Rare henchman. The Uncommon SNC Limited archetype signpost legendary creature for the Obscura faction is Queza, Augur of Agonies, and the Uncommon henchman is Nimble Larcenist. 

Maestros (UBR)

The Maestros faction operates within the Grixis (Blue, Black, and Red) colors, showcasing sacrifice, copying Instant/Sorcery spells, and removal via the Casualty mechanic. Lord Xander, the Collector is the boss of the Maestros with Maestros Diabolist as the Rare henchman. The Uncommon legendary signpost creature is Cormela, Glamour Thief, and the Uncommon henchman is Corpse Appraiser. 

Riveteers (BRG)

Focusing on aggressive creature-heavy builds with card draw via the Blitz mechanic, the Riveteers faction operates within the Jund (Black, Red, and Green) colors. Ziatora, the Incinerator is the SNC Riveteers boss and Ziatora’s Envoy is the Rare henchman. The Uncommon legendary signpost creature is Mr. Orfeo, the Boulder and the Uncommon henchman is Crew Captain. 

Cabaretti (RGW)

Always ready to party, Jetmir, Nexus of Revels is the Cabaretti boss, operating within the Naya (Red, Green, and White) colors while highlighting ETB effects and go-wide strategies via the Alliance mechanic. Fleetfoot Dancer is the Rare henchman. The Uncommon Limited archetype legendary signpost creature for the Cabaretti is Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer and the SNC Uncommon henchman is Brazen Upstart. 

White/Blue (WU)

The WU secondary SNC Limited archetype contains creatures that support Brokers and Obscura archetypes and their mechanics. Scheming Fence is the secondary Draft Rare while Metropolis Angel is the WU Uncommon signpost. The Common rarity signpost is Celestial Regulator and the Uncommon noncreature WU spell is Exotic Pets. 

Blue/Black (UB)

Aven Heartstabber is the UB secondary Draft Rare, supporting the mana values on cards in your graveyard matter theme. Syndicate Infiltrator is the Uncommon signpost. Snooping Newsie is the Common signpost and Tainted Indulgence is the UB noncreature spell with an Uncommon rarity. 

Black/Red (BR)

Sacrifice is the main theme for the BR secondary SNC Limited archetype. Corpse Explosion is the Rare Draft, which supports the sacrifice theme. The BR Uncommon signpost is Forge Boss and the Common signpost in BR is Body Dropper. Fatal Grudge is the Uncommon noncreature spell. 

Red/Green (RG)

The secondary SNC Limited archetype RG supports Treasure tokens via the Draft Rare Black Market Tycoon. The Uncommon RG signpost is Security Rhox and the Common signpost is Jetmir’s Fixer. Stimulus Package is the noncreature spell that supports RG. 

Green/White (GW)

Go-wide strategies via citizen tribal in GW are led by the Draft Rare Park Heights Pegasus. The SNC Uncommon Limited signpost is Darling of the Masses and Civil Servant is the Common signpost for GW. The noncreature spell supporting the secondary Limited archetype is Ceremonial Groundbreaker. 

All images via WotC.