MTG Satya, Aetherflux Genius Creative Energy Mh3 Commander Precon
Image via WotC

All MTG Modern Horizons 3 Commander Precon decks and decklists

New cards in every Precon.

Wizards of the Coast has designed four Magic: The Gathering Commander decks for the launch of Modern Horizons 3, featuring Eldrazi and Energy themes

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Themes and what’s new in MH3 Commander MTG decks

MTG Ulalek, Fused Atocity Eldrazi Incursion Precon deck
Each deck contains 13 new MTG cards. Image via WotC

Four Modern Horizons 3 (MH3) Commander Precon decks are scheduled to release globally on June 14. Each deck contains 13 new MTG cards, with the remaining being reprints. The themes for the four decks are Eldrazi, Jund Graveyard, Urzatron, and Energy. Each MH3 Commander Precon has a regular and a Collector edition version. The Collector version showcases alternative art on the box and every card has the foil treatment.

All decklists for the MH3 Commander Precon decks will be updated and uploaded once the new cards have been added to Moxfield.

Eldrazi Incursion MH3 Commander deck

Eldrazi Incursion MTG MH3 Commander Precon deck
Ramp up into huge Eldrazi creatures. Image via WotC

The Eldrazin Incursion Commander Precon features all five colors in MTG, along with non-colored support. It ramps from smaller Eldrazi creatures into monsters that destroy opponents. The face commander for Eldrazi Incursion is Ulalek, Fused Atocity

Ulalek, Fused Atocity destroying things in MH3 Commander
Beware of Eldrazi power. Image via WotC

Tricky Terrain MH3 Commander deck

Tricky Terrain MTG MH3 Commander Precon deck
A WotC design-take on Tron in Commander. Image via WotC

Featuring Simic colors Green and Blue, the Tricky Terrain Precon uses ramp much like the Eldrazi deck, but more so through lands. It is apparently a Commander deck based on the same themes found in Modern Urzatron builds. The face commander for the Tricky Terrain Commander deck is Omo, Queen of Vesuva.

Omo standing over town in MH3
Everything counter adds value. Image via WotC

Creative Energy MH3 Commander deck

Creative Energy MTG MH3 Commander Precon deck
Use Energy counters to your advantage. Image via WotC

The Energy mechanic is prevalent in Modern and Commander formats. Creative Energy thrives off the mechanic through powerful payoffs in the MTG colors Blue, Red, and White. The face commander of the Creative Energy deck is Satya, Aetherflux Genius

Satya, Aetherflux Genius firing magical weapon in MH3
Use Energy counters to your advantage. Image via WotC

Graveyard Overdrive MH3 Commander deck

Graveyard Overdrive MTG MH3 Commander Precon deck
Let the glory days be revived. Image via WotC

Graveyard shenanigans through Jund colors is a popular build in Modern, with Graveyard Overdrive providing its take within the Commander format. Colors for the MTG deck are Black, Red, and Green. The face commander of Graveyard Overdrive is Disa the Restless

Disa riding a monster in MH3
Synergy with Lhurgoyf. Image via WotC

What is in a MH3 Commander and Collector Edition deck?

Contents of an MH3 Commander Precon range from single copies of MTG cards to a deck box and foil cards. All Collector edition cards are foil.

Regular MH3 Commander Precon deck contents

  • One foil-etched Commander display card (thick cardboard)
  • One foil face commander card
  • One foil Legendary alternative commander card
  • 98 regular MTG cards, of which 13 are new and not reprinted cards
  • A cardboard deck box
  • A life wheel token
  • One Collector MH3 booster sample pack containing two cards
  • 10 Double-sided tokens
  • One helper/strategy insert card

Collector edition MH3 Commander Precon deck contents

  • All cards are foil
  • One borderless profile face commander card
  • One borderless profile alternative commander card
  • One Ripple foil-etched display commander (thick cardboard)
  • One One Collector MH3 booster sample pack containing two cards
  • 10 Double-sided Ripple foil-etched tokens
  • A cardboard deck box
  • A life wheel token
  • One helper/strategy insert card

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