5 best Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited multicolor Uncommon cards

Know when your Draft picks are pulling you into a specific archetype.

You can play with a wide variety of Magic: The Gathering Limited archetypes within Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and know when to commit to a specific archetype in Draft via multicolor Uncommon signpost cards. 

The Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO) Limited format is a breath of fresh air, providing a number of unique archetypes that are supported via Uncommon signpost multicolor cards. Prodigy’s Prototype, for example, supports the UW vehicles archetype as an Artifact vehicle with 3/4 stats that can crew for two while also creating a pilot when any vehicle attacks. The WB Artifacts and Enchantments matters archetype is supported by Naomi, Pillar of Order, an expensive signpost with the potential to swarm the battlefield with 2/2 tokens that have Vigilance. 

Prior to the digital launch of NEO on Feb. 10, five Uncommon multicolored cards are standing out from a total of 10 Limited signpost options.  

Oni-Cult Anvil

The MTG colors Red and Black within NEO Limited support sacrifice themes and Artifact, making Oni-Cult the ideal Uncommon to pull you into the archetype.

Oni-Cult Anvil

Players can drain an opponent every turn for one life while synergizing with the archetypes sacrifice theme. Treasure tokens count as an Artifact but are only found on higher rarity NEO cards like Reckoner Bankbuster and Fable of the Mirror-Breaker. 

Colossal Skyturtle

The NEO archetype Green and Blue supports Channel synergies, a returning MTG mechanic. It’s uncertain how the archetype will perform, but Colossal Skyturtle is a step in the right direction.

Colossal Skyturtle

During the early game, the Enchantment creature turtle can return either a target card or target creature to your hand via its two Channel modes. And during the late game, it’s a 6/5 creature with Flying and Ward, making it worth the seven mana it costs to cast. 

Enthusiastic Mechanaut

Enthusiastic Mechanaut could pull you into the Blue and Red Artifacts matter archetype.

Enthusiastic Mechanaut

The NEO set is packed with Artifacts and Artifact creatures, from one-drops like Moonsnare Prototype to High-Speed Hoverbike and Circuit Mender when their casting cost is reduced by one. Enthusiastic Mechanaut is also a 2/2 creature with Flying, providing value as soon as it hits the battlefield. 

Invigorating Hot Spring

The NEO set is packed with ways to Modify a creature (Equipment, Aura, or Counter), and Invigorating Hot Spring is fuel to the fire for the Red and Green archetype that supports Modifications.

Invigorating Hot Spring

Playable on turn three but potentially better later in a game, the Enchantment gives all Modified creatures Haste upon entering the battlefield. Invigorating Hot Spring also places 1/+1 counters on target creatures, once per turn, over the course of four turns. 

Silver-Fur master

The Blue and Black Ninjutsu archetype is looking solid and will definitely see a ton of gameplay when NEO launches.

Silver-Fur Master

Silver-Fur Master is a sleeper Uncommon that can get played outright on turn two or pop onto the battlefield later in a game while pumping every attacking ninja and rogue with +1/+1 stats. It also reduces the activated cost of all MTG Ninjutsu abilities.

Players can test out each of these MTG Uncommon Limited cards with the digital release of NEO on Feb. 10, prerelease on Feb. 11, and via a global launch on Feb. 18.

All images via WotC.