When will Clash Royale season 29 release?

It will be packed with content and significant changes.

Screengrab via Supercell

Many players are looking forward to the numerous changes the upcoming season will bring to Clash Royale next month. It’ll be one of the biggest updates of the year with a new rarity level, new King’s level, and many other changes focused on the player’s progression.

Season 29, called Champions, will add a new highest rarity level, fittingly called champions. Those cards will keep the game fresh with a new mechanic called abilities. Each champion will feature a unique ability that will be activated by tapping a button and spending more elixir.

Those cards will be obtainable after reaching level 14, a new cap set to be introduced by the upcoming season. In addition to those new features, significant changes will be brought to the player’s progression, including a rework of tournament cap, changes on Star Points, upgrade cost reduction, more rewards to earn, and more.

When will Clash Royale season 29 release?

The developer has yet to reveal an official release date for season 29. Looking at the usual delay between seasons in Clash Royale, however, it’s expected to be introduced shortly after the current season ends.

Season 28 will end on Nov. 1, according to the in-game timer. Keeping that in mind, the upcoming season will likely be introduced into the game the same day, following a short maintenance.

It might take longer if the developer encounters unexpected technical difficulties to introduce the update, however.