When will Brawl Stars season 9, Brawlywood, release?

Lola will join the roster with her fox and unique super.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars fans were offered more information a few days ago on what’s to come next month in Supercell’s latest Brawl Talk on YouTube.

The upcoming season will be called Brawlywood. Its name is self-explanatory: It will be Hollywood-themed, with new exclusive skins inspired by famous movies or film-making jobs and new cosmetic items.

It will also feature Lola, a new Brawler of chromatic rarity. She’s a superstar using her fox to go into battle. The fancy Brawler shoots projectiles in a small cone with long range. Her super, which is unique in Brawl Stars, allows her to create a doppelganger to mimic her movements and confuse enemies. Players who like to play long-ranged attackers that aren’t easy to pick up should feel right at home by playing her during Brawlywood.

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The new Brawler, as well as two other skins, will be available in the premium version of the upcoming season’s brawl pass.

When will Brawl Stars season nine, Brawlywood, be released?

Supercell has yet to reveal an official release date for the upcoming season. Since the downtime between two seasons is usually short, however, it’s possible to get an idea of its release based on season eight’s, Once upon a Brawl, end date.

Season eight will end on Nov. 8, according to the in-game timer. Provided the developer doesn’t encounter unexpected issues when introducing the upcoming season’s update, season nine should be live less than one day after the current season is over.

Players have roughly two weeks to complete their brawl pass and seasonal quests before getting into a new one with the next season.