When will Brawl Stars’ season 5 begin?

Colonel Ruffs is almost here.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars’ season five is right around the corner. It’s called Starr Force and will bring a new Brawl Pass to the game.

The update for Starr Force launched yesterday. It introduced a new chromatic Brawler to the game known as Colonel Ruffs and a number of “space-themed” skins as well.

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Colonel Ruffs is a dog who serves on the Starr Force spaceship. His main attack shoots two parallel laser beams that bounce on hitting a wall. His Super Ability is unique and calls a supply drop which damages enemies. The drop also leaves a buff for ally Brawlers. Picking this up increases the Brawlers’ health and damage.

When will Brawl Stars’ season five begin?

Supercell has confirmed that Brawl Stars’ season five will begin on Feb. 1.

Brawl Stars’ fourth season will also end on this day. The new season should begin immediately after the season ends or after a short maintenance break.

Some of the highlights of the season five Brawl Pass include the D4R-RY1 skin and the chromatic Brawler, Colonel Ruffs. The Brawl Pass will contain 70 tiers of rewards. At tier 70, a skin for the new Brawler known as Ronin Ruffs will be unlocked.

The Brawl Pass should cost 169 gems. Alternatively, players can also purchase the Brawl Pass bundle for 249 gems which will instantly unlock 10 tiers.