When will Brawl Stars season 4 end?

The premium pass owners can get the King Lou skin thanks to the battle pass.

Image via Supercell

Edgar and Byron have joined Brawl Stars to celebrate the holiday season. Custom maps have also been introduced into the game in season four with community votes to determine which ones will be added to the game, and new Christmas-themed skins joined the store.

Season four is the second season that includes a full-fledged battle pass offering rewards upon reaching higher tiers, which are earned by completing daily and special missions. But the players only have a little over a month to complete all 70 tiers now, as this year is drawing to a close.

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When will Brawl Stars season four end?

According to the battle pass countdown on the game, Brawl Stars‘ season four “Holiday Getaway” will end on Feb. 1. The hour of the update introducing the next season has yet to be revealed, and it could be delayed, but this is the official end date.

The players have a little over one month to complete the battle pass, and the premium owners can win the King Lou skin upon reaching the highest tier of the battle pass.

It’s also useful to complete daily missions and earn XP even after having reached the highest tier, since a bonus box is rewarded every 500 tokens with random items.

The players who haven’t played Brawl Stars a lot throughout December, and who won’t have much time in January, still can complete all the season quests over the last days to earn the most levels possible in little time. Some quests reward 500 tokens and others only 250.