When will Brawl Stars season 3 end?

The season will last 70 days.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars’ third season, called Welcome to Starr Park, began on Sept. 14. It brought a new Brawl Pass containing the chromatic Brawler, Colette, along with some skins and pins. 

The season will run for 70 days until Nov. 23 at 3:30am CT. Players have until this date to complete all 70 tiers of the season three Brawl Pass. Tiers can be unlocked by completing daily and seasonal quests. 

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Pins have been added to the Brawl Pass for the first time in season three. Along with gems, coins, several Brawl, Big, and Mexa Boxes, two skins are present in the Brawl Pass: the Poco Starr (tier one) and Trixie Colette (tier 70) skins. 

The season three update was a “mini one” and introduced Colette, six skins, and some quality of life changes. Most of these skins can be unlocked through the gift shop in season three. 

Colette, who can be unlocked at tier 30 of the paid Brawl Pass, has a long-ranged main attack that does damage based on the enemy’s health. She does a lot of damage against Brawlers with high health, while her attack’s effect on enemies with lesser health is low. 

Her Super is also interesting. She quickly runs along in a straight path and then returns to her initial position. Any Brawler she hits while doing this gets knocked back and is dealt damage.