What you need to know about the Power League in Brawl Stars

The new way to play competitive Brawl Stars.

Image via Supercell

The Power League system in Brawl Stars will give players a more streamlined rank system to advance through. At the end of every Power League season, players will get exciting rewards based on the ranks they managed to achieve.

It will replace the Power Play system in the game. For the first season of the Power League, which will begin later this week, players will be assigned ranks based on their highest lifetime result on Power Play. There are 19 ranks between Bronze one and Master. The first season of the Power League will be shorter than usual and will conclude with the ongoing season five on April 12.

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Subsequent seasons, however, will last for two months, just like the Brawl Pass. The Power League system unlocks at 4500 trophies.

Power League can be played solo or in teams of three. Every game in this competitive mode is in a best-of-three format. Each match begins with a pick-ban phase with both teams banning one Brawler. Once a Brawler is picked by a team, it can’t be played by the opponent team. This will encourage players to have a greater diversity in the Brawlers they play with.

Screengrab via Supercell

If a match ends in a tie, it will have to be played again to determine the winner. The modes and maps in this mode are randomly selected.

Progression through ranks will be determined by the toughness of opponents a player faces. If the player faces a difficult team consisting of higher-ranked opponents, they will progress more upon achieving victory.

Screengrab via Supercell

At the end of the Power League season, players will get Star Points based on the ranks they reached, including exclusive rewards like profile icons and a skin purchase option. In the upcoming Power League season, players will be able to unlock Smuggler Penny for 25,000 Star Points.