Seeking Poseidon challenge starts in PUBG Mobile with Poseidon X-Suit skin

The event will last 10 days.

Image via PUBG Mobile

A new challenge will bring PUBG Mobile players into the abyss with the Poseidon’s Domain event, which started today and will last 10 days, until Aug. 26.

Players can complete missions to earn items used to redeem exclusive items and other rewards, such as the Poseidon X-Suit skin. Although it’s already possible to complete the daily tasks and do some Treasure Hunts to earn rewards, the Poseidon X-Suit will only be available starting Aug. 20. The skin features many details and a glorious armor made of gold.

Meanwhile, the best items available in the loot are the Squid Squad grenade, the Rainbow Glider trail, and five character Vouchers.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

Here are the daily tasks to complete to earn Diving devices:

  • Complete one Classic Mode match.
  • Complete two Classic Mode matches.
  • Complete three Classic Mode matches.
  • Complete four Classic Mode matches.
  • Complete five Classic Mode matches.
  • Survive for a total of 60 minutes.
  • Survive for a total of 120 minutes.
  • Finish in the Top 10 once in Classic Mode.
  • Defeat five enemies in Erangel.
  • Defeat 10 enemies in Erangel.
  • Defeat 15 enemies in Erangel.
  • Add one friend.
  • Chat with one friend.
  • Complete one Classic match while teamed up with friends.
  • Finish in the Top One once in Classic Mode.

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Most of these challenges are easy to complete, but will require a few hours of playtime. Every task rewards you with one diving device, which is used to perform one Treasure Hunt. It’s still unclear how the Poseidon skin will be earned, however. It looks like another special item will be required for an attempt at it.

It will certainly be hard to earn the exclusive item, but the players will get many chances by completing daily missions for ten days. Keep in mind, however, that Treasure Hunts can only be performed 10 times per day.