PUBG Mobile’s Crew Challenge receives security update

Cheaters will have a hard time completing crew challenges.

Image via Tencent

Season eight of PUBG Mobile’s Crew Challenge is just around the corner and the developer made some security improvements to provide a better experience for players.

A crew verification and several individual requirements were added to the registration procedure, PUBG Corp. announced last night. To be verified, the crew must reach an average of 100 verification points.

Those points can be earned by linking social accounts, reaching Platinum ranking or above, and playing up to 300 matches. Each one of those criteria awards 10 to 30 points depending on how they’re completed.

For example, a Platinum-ranked player who played over 100 games and linked his account to two social media platforms will only get 50 points, below the number required to participate.

The crew verification score, however, is the average of every player’s score. Each phase of the challenge requires a greater number of verification points:

  • Qualifying rounds: 120 points required
  • Preliminaries: 160 points required
  • Finals: 180 points required

Verification doesn’t end here, though. Players who qualify for the preliminaries, and then for the finals, will get a four-minute security check verifying three required criteria before advancing to the next phase. Players who use modifiers or plug-ins during the challenge will be banned from the game for up to 10 years.

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Crew Challenges are tournaments that give out in-game rewards to the top-10 crews. Players can participate in groups of four to six players. Only the leader has to register and only mobile devices are accepted to keep the competition fair.

The challenge is then split into three phases. Here’s the schedule for season eight:

  • Qualifying round, top 100: Six matches per day from April 3 to 12 with a break between April 5 and 12
  • Preliminaries, top 20: Three matches per day from April 15 to 19
  • Finals: Four matches on April 24 and 25

The winning team will get an exclusive set with a helmet and weapon skin. Exclusive rewards will be awarded up to the 10th-ranked team.

Season eight of the Crew Challenge will kick off on April 3 and will crown a champion on April 25.