PUBG Mobile season 12 theme and rewards leaked

Season 12 will celebrate PUBG Mobile's second anniversary.

Image via Super League Gaming

PUBG Mobile season 12 will follow the theme of the second anniversary of the game, data miner Mr. Ghost Gaming revealed yesterday.

Season 12, called “2Gether we Play,” might feature numerous themed items such as player icons, sprays, and colorful skins.

Screengrab via Mr. Ghost Gaming

Season 12 will likely introduce a bike workshop with advanced skins for those fast vehicles, changing their colors and form. Players would be able to upgrade them up to level three.

Some Battle Pass rewards were also leaked. The Battle Pass will reportedly offer UC chests and three skins, a purple-colored cat skin, two other male skins with a black-and-red colored one, and a glowy battle suit. No information was revealed about potential new game modes, however.

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PUBG Mobile‘s global release dates back to March 19, 2018. Since then, it’s hit 600 million downloads worldwide. It’ll celebrate its second anniversary this March. Last year, it celebrated its first anniversary with exclusive rewards, a revamped lobby, and a special discount in the shop. The event promises to be even bigger this year since it might be the theme of an entire season.

Season 11 launched a few weeks ago and will end on March 3. The next season may be introduced the same day or a few days later.