PUBG Mobile’s Red Packet event is giving fans airpods, giftcards and more

Fans can get a golden level three helmet as well.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s latest event is giving fans a chance to earn some exciting rewards, and no they are not only in-game cosmetics. Players can get Airpods, gift cards and more through the Red Packet Event.

The event will run from Jan. 24 to 28. In these five days, during a specific time every day, a “Golden Redemption Card” will appear in the lobby. Players can collect the card to get the prizes. The time in which the redemption card will appear hasn’t been revealed.

If a player does manage to log into the game at that specific time and get the redemption card, he will have to contact customer service to receive his gift before March 28. In addition to the gift cards, and airpods, players can get a golden level three helmet along with some in-game items as well.

PUBG Mobile has been getting a lot of new events to celebrate the spring season. The Spring Party event, which will go on till Feb. 6, gives players the chance to collect material bags in classic matches. These material bags can be used to create lanterns that grant players rewards including a permanent outfit.