Participating organizations for the Clash Contender Series unveiled

Some big names will be battling in the first season of the semi-pro Clash Royale tournament.

Image via Clash Contender Series

The selected organizations for the first season of the Clash Contender Series (CCS) have been revealed. The Clash Contender Series is a semi-pro Clash Royale tournament that’s open to players from all around the world. 

The tournament has been divided into two divisions after the qualifiers for both divisions recently wrapped up. Now, the qualified players will participate in the combine on Sept. 28 where they’ll try to lure one of the 12 selected organizations. 

For the American division, the teams that will be participating in the first season of the CCS include:

  1. Cream Academy
  2. Team Liquid Academy
  3. Vanguard Gaming
  4. Undead Gaming
  5. Tribe Academy
  6. Chivas Esports

The organizations in the European division are:

  1. Qlash
  2. X6TENCE
  3. Outplayed
  4. S2V Esports
  5. Wham! Esports
  6. LA Gaming

The combine will be held on Sept. 28 and each organization will pick up four to six players. Additionally, two players can be freely signed by the organizations. 

The regular season of the CCS is scheduled to begin on Oct. 9 and will run for eight weeks until Dec. 9. Matches will be played every Wednesday and Thursday. 

The prize pool for the tournament is being raised by Matcherino. So far, $5,500 has been donated by over 150 people. Supercell will also be contributing an additional $5,000, which brings the total prize pool at time of writing to $10,500.