paiN Gaming penalized in Clash Royale League West fall season 2020

The team has broken the rules four times.

Image via Supercell

Supercell took away a victory from paiN Gaming today for their fourth consecutive violation of the rules in the fall season of the Clash Royale League (CRL) West 2020.

The fourth infringement came during game three of the second set in paiN Gaming’s match against Misfits Gaming on Sept. 20. paiN’s “Lucas” Vinicius Batista Rocha was up against Jack “airsurfer” McHugh in the one-vs-one set. Lucas accepted the match request earlier than he was supposed to.

This unauthorized acceptance of the match request was penalized according to section 7.10 of the rulebook.

What this means is that paiN Gaming will have a victory removed from their overall season’s score. If the team finishes the season at six wins and three losses, only five wins and three losses will be considered due to the ruling today. This deduction in their overall wins during the regular season will only impact paiN Gaming and won’t award a victory to any other team.

This can prove to be disastrous for paiN Gaming as in the past seasons, it came down to set differences for deciding the teams in the playoffs. A whole victory being taken away will certainly hamper paiN’s plan of redemption after they bowed out in the group stage last season.

The CRL West has a prize pool of $225,000 and will now return on Sept. 26 at 12pm CT for its second week. The regular season will go on for another seven weeks until Nov. 8. The top six teams will make it to the playoffs. The top four teams from here will qualify for the CRL World Finals in Shanghai, China.