Next Brawl Stars update to add new brawlers, game mode, and Pirate theme

Bea and Max will join the Brawlers in the update.

Image via Supercell

Get ready to set sail. The next Brawl Stars update will introduce a new pirate theme, Supercell announced earlier today. A new game mode and environment resembling a boat’s deck will enter the game with five exclusive skins and two new brawlers in what will be one of the game’s largest patches to date.

Three out of the five new skins were revealed: Pirate Poco, Corsair Colt, and Captain Carl. The other two skins will be given to the two next Brawlers who will join the game in the upcoming update.

Image via Supercell

The first new brawler set to come is Bea, an entomologist with long-range attacks and a super that goes through walls of the maps and poisons enemies. She will be released with the skin Ladybug Bea.

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The second brawler is Max, a wanna-be superhero. She is very fast and shoots quick bursts. She also can speed boost her allies.

The upcoming update will bring a new Christmas-themed temporary game mode called Present Plunder. Players will earn points by stealing enemy presents and bringing them to the base. In short, it will be a mix between Capture the Flag and Brawl Ball.

This update will bring a great deal of content to the players. Supercell, however, didn’t reveal an official release date for the update yet, but it will likely be released before Christmas since a game mode will be dedicated to the annual celebration.

In the meantime, fans can still grab daily gifts to celebrate Brawl Stars’ one-year anniversary.

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