New Star Power for Squeak arrives in Brawl Stars

It's called Super Sticky.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars’ latest Brawler, Squeak, got a new Star Power today. His second Star Power is called Super Sticky and it gives players a buff on his super.

Squeak’s super is called Big Blob. As the name suggests, it throws a big blob of goo that explodes after a short duration. The blast sends six smaller “sticky blombs” in all directions around it.

The new Star Power empowers these smaller sticky blombs. When a player equips Super Sticky, the smaller blobs of goo will also slow down enemy Brawlers for four seconds.

Super Sticky can be unlocked by opening Brawl Boxes after you’ve collected enough trophies to reach power nine on Squeak.

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Squeak’s other Star Power is called Chain Reaction. This increases the damage of the sticky blomb’s explosion by 10 percent for every Brawler that’s in its radius. While Super Sticky is good for area control, Chain Reaction is the ideal choice for players looking to deal more damage.

Squeak is an alien Brawler who was released in Brawl Stars last month. He’s a part of Colonel Ruffs’ Star Force and evolved from the drool of his toys.