New Siege Machine, Log Launcher is coming to Clash of Clans

It does devastating damage to walls.

Image via Supercell

A destructive new Siege Machine is coming to Clash of Clans. The Log Launcher obliterates through walls and deploys a fleet of Clan Castle troops when it reaches the enemy’s Town Hall.

The Log Launcher can be unlocked when the Siege Workshop is upgraded to level four. Thus, players will have to be in Town Hall 13 to get this machine.

As the name suggests, the Log Launcher launches logs that have a really long-range, have splash damage, and does 4x damage to walls. The machine targets the Town Hall, no matter where it is deployed on a base. Its health slowly declines over time, even if it doesn’t take any damage.

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Basic statistics of the Log Launcher

  • Favorite Target: Walls (Damage 4x)
  • Damage Type: Splash
  • Target: Ground
  • Housing Space: One
  • Movement Speed: Five

Stats per level

LevelsDamage per secondHitpointsTraining CostTraining Time
One1404000100,00020 minutes
Two1604400100,00020 minutes
Three1804800100,00020 minutes
Four2005200100,00020 minutes

It still hasn’t been confirmed when the Log Launcher will be released into the game.

Supercell recently revealed some of the new features that will be coming in the December update. This includes the Invisibility Spell, some balance changes, new levels, and more.