Clash of Clans upcoming update will bring an invisibility spell, new levels, and more

Several quality of life changes have also been made with this update.

Image via Supercell

Supercell is bringing a new update to Clash of Clans later this month. It will feature a new spell, more levels, quality of life changes, and some balance changes as well.

The release date for this update hasn’t been revealed yet. Here is everything that will be coming with it.

New Spell: Invisibility

The new spell is the “Invisibility Spell” which unlocks when you upgrade your Spell Factory to level six at Town Hall 11. As the name suggests, this spell will turn everything on which it is cast invisible. This doesn’t just include ally troops but also enemy defenses. Troops cannot be attacked when they are damaged. Siege Machines and Walls aren’t affected by this spell, though.

Here are some stats about the spell:

  • Effect Type: Area Splash
  • Housing Space: 1
  • Brewing Time: 3 mins
  • Targets: Ground & Air

Game Changes


  • With this update, players will be able to select whether the Friendly War will allow one or two attacks per player.


  • Heroes will now be healed after the end of battles with any unused abilities. This will reduce their downtime.
  • Home Village Wall segments can be swapped with other segments like Buildings and Traps while editing your base.
  • Cannon Carts will retarget after being pushed back if their target isn’t within range anymore.
  • Units will have a more accurate line of sight calculation to help with pathing.
  • Lighting spell will have no effect on the Clan Castle.

Season Challenges

  • If players have no space, they can choose to get five gems instead of a resource award.
    The requirements for some Builder Base tasks in Clan Games and Season Challenges have been reduced in order to bring them more in line with Home Village tasks.
  • The Rewards Road of the Season Challenges now has some quick access buttons to allow easier navigation to the earliest unlocked but unclaimed reward.

Balance Changes


  • Hit speed: 3.036 to 3.228 seconds.
  • DPS: Reduced by 10
  • HP at level one: 3000 to 3600
  • HP at level two: 3500 to 4200

New Levels

Spell Factory Level 6

This will be available at Town Hall 11.

Upgrade CostUpgrade TimeSpell CapacityHit PointsUnlocks
4.8 million Elixir7 Days10840Invisibility Spell

X-Bow Level 8

Upgrade CostUpgrade TimeDamage Per SecondHit Points
17 million Gold17 Days1854200

Giant Bomb Level 7

Upgrade CostUpgrade TimeDamageArea of Effect
7 million Gold9 Days3754 Tiles

Air Bomb Level 8

Upgrade CostUpgrade TimeDamageArea of Effect
5 million7 Days2603 Tiles

Royal Champion

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDamage Per SecondHit PointsRegeneration TimeAbility Level
21275,000 DE8 days535394038 mins4
22280,000 DE8 days540398038 mins4
23285,000 DE8 days545402038 mins4
24290,000 DE8 days550406038 mins4
25295,000 DE8 days555410040 mins5

Seeking Shield Ability Level 5

  • Damage: 1960
  • Health Recovery: 2900
  • Number of Targets: 4