New game modes, bug fixes, and more legendary divisions to join Clan Wars 2 in Clash Royale

The update will hit live servers "in a few days."

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Clan Wars 2 has been the main focus of Supercell the past few months in Clash Royale. The feature was introduced with a complete rework of Clans. It allows players to face off against members from other Clans to get rewards at the end of a River Race.

In the latest Update TV Royale, the developer highlighted the changes to be introduced in Clash Royale in a few days, and those which will come in the next Clan Wars set on Dec. 7.

Several bugs are being fixed, and the developer is bringing quality-of-life changes to the recent feature, such as UI improvements for Clan leaders and a better matchmaking system. New rotating game modes will also join the game, such as Triple Elixir Battle and Sudden Death Battle.

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The time zone bug will also be fixed by implementing a global war deck cooldown. It gave an unfair advantage to players in an earlier time zone, who could play more battles and win more points. With the new global cooldown, everyone has to do the battles in a same period of time.

To match the new cooldown, the number of clan attacks per day is being capped at 50 members per 24 hours. It’s also preventing clans from kicking and recruiting new members everyday to get into more battles.

The matchmaking will make Clan Wars more balanced by taking in account criteria such as the performance and the activity of the clan.

For casual players, the river length will be reduced and a Fame Boost will be introduced in the next Clan Wars to help inactive clans complete a River Race easier and earn the rewards. On the other side, the minimum number of clan members to participate is getting increased.

The most hardcore players weren’t forgotten by the developer, however. Two Legendary divisions are being added in Clan Wars, offering more room to grow and earn better rewards, such as Legendary cards.

Lastly, several bugs will be fixed, including the Electro Giant card and hovering. “We know this update doesn’t include every single fix for Clan Wars ever,” Supercell said. “But we hope that this update gives you all better Clan Wars 2 experience.”

The next Clan Wars on Clash Royale will start on Dec.7.

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