New Brawl Stars underdog system disabled while it gets fixed

The balancing feature encountered some technical issues.

Image via Supercell

After its introduction yesterday, Brawl Starsunderdog system was disabled due to technical issues late last night.

This system aims at balancing three-vs.-three games better, particularly games gathering a two-player party with a random teammate. If this last teammate has more trophies than another player, he’s considered an underdog. As such, he’ll earn more trophies for a win and will lose less in case of defeat.

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The three-vs.-three Gem Grab game mode of Brawl Stars is the one used in official esports tournaments and to evaluate the level of players, that’s why it’s important to balance it in the best way possible.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s update introduced other changes that work correctly, such as the new mechanic of unique gadgets, several skins, balance changes, and the newest brawler, Jacky.

The PSG Cup, a competitive event which will reward an exclusive skin for players who completed nine wins, will kick off tomorrow, March 19. A new brawler, Sprout, is also scheduled to join the game in April.