Marvel Snap release date set for October

The mobile-first game is just a month away.

Image via Nuverse

Marvel’s take on the card battler genre Marvel Snap finally has a release date, and players can expect to dive into the fast-paced, mobile-first game on Oct. 18.

The brand unveiled plans for the game in May this year as a collectible card game that carves out its own corner of an already saturated market. The idea is that the game is mobile-first and has a quick playstyle, making it perfect for short breaks or gamers on the go. The trailer for the game released today even suggested that Marvel Snap is perfect for people who are on the toilet while at work.

Shortly after the game was announced, it started an Android-only beta test, and since then, we’ve begun to learn a little bit more about the free-to-play game. As is the case with free-to-play games, Marvel Snap is expected to have microtransactions.

Players looking to hop into the action as soon as it starts can do so by pre-registering for the game on its official website. The only information required for pre-registration is a player’s email address.

Marvel Snap enters a highly competitive atmosphere of online battlers that includes significantly more established games like Hearthstone, Teamfight Tactics, and of course, Magic: The Gathering. The game’s ability to draw appeal will likely come from the highly-popular intellectual property of the Marvel universe along with its ability to lean into being an on-the-go game.