Does Marvel Snap have microtransactions?

The new card battler from Marvel will feature hundreds of cards for players to collect.

Image via Marvel

The newest game from Marvel is coming soon, with the official announcement of Marvel Snap. Ben Brode, former game director for Hearthstone, is the chief development officer for Marvel Snap, and the game is sure to pique the interests of Marvel fans and card battler aficionados alike.

The game will be free to play. But, as with any free-to-play game, one question from players crops up: Will there be microtransactions? Since all studios producing free-to-play games are usually looking for ways for the game to generate revenue, it’s a sensible question.

Here’s everything we know about potential microtransactions in Marvel Snap.

Will Marvel Snap have microtransactions?

While there is no official word on microtransactions in the game, players must unlock and collect cards to build their decks in the game. The game will have over 150 cards at launch, and alongside the base cards, several variant versions of the base cards featuring alternate art will be available for players to collect. In addition to the hundreds of cards and variants that will be available at launch, Marvel Snap plans on continually adding more and more cards for players to collect and use in their games.

In the gameplay trailer, senior director Julia Humphreys said the game’s devs don’t want players to feel forced to buy power and that players “can get every card in the game, over time, without paying anything.”

While it’s great news that players won’t be required to make purchases to unlock new cards and card variants, the wording of the statement suggests that players will also be able to pay to unlock certain cards. This would mean that Marvel Snap likely does have microtransactions in the game, even though players will not be forced to buy new cards or items to play the game if they do not wish to.
This is still unconfirmed, and as such, this article will be updated when more news about Marvel Snap and its transactions is released.