Kalahari test map to be removed from Free Fire tomorrow

It's coming back eventually though.

Image via Garena

The new test-map in Free Fire, Kalahari, will be removed from the game tomorrow, Garena announced earlier today. You still have today to play on it.

“We used this testing period to collect all feedback we could from our community and understand what we need to improve on the map,” the staff said on social media. “That’s why it was available for a limited time! Let us know what you think!”

Kalahari is an arid map, inspired by the real Kalahari Desert that covers most of Botswana in Africa. Only one small part of it was open since Jan.1: the Command Post, the Stone Ridge, The Sud, and Santa Catarina with a shipwreck. It can only contain 20 players and still has some bugs.

Even for this small part of the map, vehicles are mandatory to hope to survive, because locations are pretty far from one another and you have nowhere to hide. It may be different for the undisclosed parts of the map, though.

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The devs will collect the community’s feedback and put it back into the game when it’s be ready to be played. No information was disclosed about a release date.

The new feature is much anticipated by players because it will be the first new map since the one released in 2018, which was Purgatory.

Meanwhile, players can try to climb the ranks of Season 13 that was launched on Jan.2. The three other weekly modes are still available and some new content purchasable with Diamonds was added to the game.