How to play Belle on Brawl Stars: Tips and tricks

Melt down your opponents' health from a distance.

Screengrab via Supercell

Brawl Stars‘ newest season brought a new battle pass, cosmetics, gadgets and the new character Belle. Introduced in a video teaser packed with action, Belle is a sharpshooter who wants to shoot from a safe distance to melt down her enemies’ health.

Colt and Piper mains out there will love to play Belle, who has a similar play style. She is very aggressive, has a long range and requires good aim to become a threat.

She has a Chromatic rarity, and is rewarded for reaching the 30th tier on the premium version of the battle pass. Outside this method of acquisition, she will be almost impossible to get due to her rarity. Her release will be followed by Squeak later during the month at an unrevealed date.

Belle’s abilities

  • Main Attack: Shocker
    • A long-range electric shot bounces on enemy targets after it has connected to one. The attack will keep bouncing back and forth among enemy brawlers until they split up.
  • Super Ability: Spotter
    • A target is marked and will receive 33 percent more damage from Belle, but also from all other sources. Only one target can be marked at a time. It only goes away when the target is eliminated.
  • Gadget: Nest Egg
    • A trap that explodes on contact is dropped on the ground by Belle. It deals 500 damage and slows enemy targets who stay within the explosion range for three seconds.
  • Star Power #1: Positive Feedback
    • A shield reduces damage received by Belle when an enemy is electrocuted by her main attack.
  • Star Power #2: Grounded
    • The Super of Belle prevents the target marked from reloading for a certain time.

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How to use her abilities

Belle’s basic ability can look pretty straightforward, but it has a twist. After a short delay, her bullets bounce on nearby brawlers or objects in the environment, giving it extra potential. It should be used to your advantage by prioritizing packed targets or those who hiding in corners to make your shots deal extra damage.

Since the shots can bounce on powerboxes too, it can also be useful in solo and duo showdowns. Aim at enemies who are near powerboxes or directly at the box to deal extra damage. This strategy is also viable on brawlers’ objects, such as Penny’s turret, turning the tables on them. If you use this to its fullest effect, you’ll become much more of a threat on Belle.

Belle can charge her super, Spotter, with five successful shots. When she uses it on a target, she has to focus it exclusively, which means you shouldn’t use it on a target that can use a super or an ability to escape right away.

Your allies will also have to know your Spotter is up to turn their attention to a priority target, since it amplifies their damage as well.

Belle’s super is a great engage tool for targets you know you want to take down as soon as possible, especially tanky targets who you wouldn’t be able to kill in three shots. The super can seem underwhelming because it doesn’t deal a lot of on-hit damage, but it can be game-changing thanks to its sustained buff.

Don’t forget to aim

It can seem logical, but a lot of beginners don’t actually aim while playing. They simply tap on the shooting button and let the game guess where they want to hit. It’s a habit you might want to drop, because if there are multiple enemies or destructible items around you, the game might not choose the right direction for you.

It’s even more of an issue when you play a Brawler with a very long range, such as Belle. If an enemy moves continuously to the right, the game will automatically aim at where they were before, failing to compensate for movement.

Instead, you should lead your shorts and aim to where you think your opponents are going. Even if they can dodge it, you’ll keep them on their toes and have more chances to deal damage to them.

It can be difficult to aim at first, but you’ll get used to it after a couple of hours of game time. This will also drastically improve your gameplay, helping you with other brawlers as well.