How to get Brawl Stars’ season 5 Brawl Pass

Colonel Ruffs is here.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars’ season five Starr Force has kicked off with a new Brawl Pass. The Brawl Pass features exclusive rewards including the new chromatic Brawler, skins, pins, and more.

The Brawl Pass contains 70 tiers of rewards. Players have to advance through these tiers by using tokens, which are earned by completing quests. There are several seasonal and daily quests players can complete.

The main highlight of the Brawl Pass is Colonel Ruffs, who is of chromatic rarity. He can be unlocked by reaching tier 30 of the Brawl Pass.

Colonel Ruffs’ main attack shoots two parallel lasers that bounce after hitting a wall. His Super Ability calls a supply drop that damages players and leaves behind a buff for ally Brawlers to pick up. This buff increases the health and damage of the ally who collects it.

The Brawl Pass also offers the D4R-RY1 skin at tier one and Ronin Ruffs at tier 70. Players will also earn a lot of coins, power points, big and mega boxes, and pins through the Brawl Pass.

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How to unlock Brawl Stars’ season five Brawl Pass?

  • Open Brawl Stars on your Android or iOS device and click on the Brawl Pass on the bottom left of the screen.
Screengrab via Supercell
  • Click on the activate Brawl Pass option.
Screengrab via Supercell
  • You can either buy the Brawl Pass for 169 gems or the Brawl Pass bundle for 249 gems. The bundle instantly unlocks 10 tiers.
Screengrab via Supercell
  • In case you are out of gems, go to the shop to purchase them. Gems cost real money.
Screengrab via Supercell