Holiday Getaway season and new battle pass join Brawl Stars

The latest season brings new Brawler Lou, as well as holiday-themed skins.

Image via Supercell

The holiday season has arrived to entertain the fans of Brawl Stars. Season four, Holiday Getaway, and a new battle pass officially joined the mobile game last night.

The new battle pass features 70 levels to complete to earn rewards. The premium version costs 169 gems. Players can also win eight free tiers by spending 249 gems instead. Even if you don’t want to pay to get gems, they can be found in boxes and are rewarded through the battle pass.

The free version of this battle pass, for example, rewards 90 gems in total. Players who earned gems by completing the levels of previous battle passes should be able to buy the premium version of this one to get exclusive skins, pins, boxes, and more rewards.

Screengrab via Supercell

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The last tier of the premium pass offers the skin King Lou, dedicated to the latest Brawler that joined the game. Lou can freeze opponents by attacking them and his super allows him to make the ground slippery to annoy opponents. He’s a chromatic Brawler, which means players must be lucky to get him in boxes.

As usual, daily and seasonal challenges can be completed to earn battle pass points. Players who complete all 70 levels of the battle pass will earn a bonus big box every 500 tokens.

The battle pass will end alongside season four in 70 days, so around Feb. 1, 2021. More content will likely join the game before this date, like new features to enhance the Map Maker, a new Brawler, and countless gadgets.