Here are the patch notes for Free Fire’s OB31 update, New Age

The new patch brings major changes to Chrono.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s OB31 update officially dropped today with some big changes to popular characters, a new weapon, a new rank, and other changes to general gameplay. The New Age patch notes were released by Garena in an official dev blog post

The new update brought major changes to Chrono, a character inspired by Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Over the past few months, Chrono has become one of the strongest characters in the game, making him unbeatable. With that, players started to complain on social media that the character needed to be balanced.

Starting now, Chrono’s Time Turner shield will have two-way protection, making it impossible for players to shoot enemies outside of it. His movement speed increase was also removed, while the duration of the force field is now longer. 

Image via Garena

Besides Chrono, some other Free Fire characters also received changes. Maxim had its Gluttony ability speed decreased, while K will now have more EP recovery and a higher maximum EP with his Master of All skill. D-Bee also had his accuracy increased by 10 percent at every level and Thiva will now have a lower revival time.

A new rank tier is also arriving with this update. The Master rank is above Heroic and will make the game even more competitive and fun for players.

MAC10 is the new SMG that’s now available for players. It comes with a pre-attached silencer, base damage of 24, and rate of fire of 0.9. The MAC10 is a great option to kill enemies wearing heavy armor.

Five weapons had their range decreased with the new patch: UMP, MP5, Thompson, UZI, and MAG-7. The SCAR and M60 had their recoil reduced, which is good news for players who enjoy using these weapons. The UMP and XM8 also had their reload time increased, while the MP5-X and the Kar98k had their rate of fire boosted. Finally, the GROZA now has 20 percent more armor penetration. 

All of the gameplay, Clash Squad mode, and Lone Wolf mode changes can be found in the official Free Fire patch notes