Here are the patch notes for Clash of Clans’ spring 2021 update

Town Hall 14 is here.

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans’ spring update is here, and it’s a big one. The first major update of 2021 will bring the Town Hall 14, hero pets, new battle builders, and much more.

Other than these, another major change in this update is the reduced costs for low to mid-Town Hall players. Supercell is making progressing in the game much easier now for new Clash of Clans players.

Here are the complete patch notes for Clash of Clans’ spring 2021 update. If you want to read the exact stats for every new level in the update, click here.

Town Hall 14

Image via Supercell

Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno

The Giga Inferno will remain in level 14 of the Town Hall. A poison bomb is being added to it which is dropped when the Town Hall is destroyed. It will deal damage, slow enemy attacks, and decrease their movements speed.

Upgrading to Town Hall 14 unlocks

  • 25x new Wall pieces
  • 1x Air Bomb
  • 1x Seeking Air Mine
  • 1x Skeleton Trap
  • 1x Bomb
  • 1x Giant Bomb
  • 1x Pet House

New levels of defenses, buildings, and traps

  • Level four Builder’s Hut
  • Level 12 Laboratory
  • Level 10 Clan Castle
  • Level 15 Gold Storage
  • Level 15 Elixir Storage
  • Level nine Dark Elixir Storage
  • Level 20 Cannon
  • Level 13 Hidden Tesla
  • Level nine Bomb Tower
  • Level eight Inferno Tower
  • Level five Eagle Artillery
  • Level three Scattershot
  • Level 10 Bomb
  • Level 15 Wall

New hero levels

  • Barbarian King Level 80 → Iron Fist Level 16
  • Archer Queen Level 80 → Royal Cloak Level 16
  • Grand Warden Level 55 → Eternal Tome + Life Aura level 11
  • Royal Champion Level 30 → Seeking Shield level six

New troop levels

  • Level 10 Barbarian (Super Barbarian level 10)
  • Level 10 Archer (Super Archer level 10)
  • Level 10 Wall Breaker (Super Wall Breaker level 10)
  • Level six Healer
  • Level eight Baby Dragon (Inferno Dragon level eight)
  • Level 10 Minion (Super Minion level 10)
  • Level nine Valkyrie (Super Valkyrie level nine)
  • Level six Ice Golem

New spell levels

  • Level seven Clone
  • Level eight Poison

Town Hall 14 specific canges

  • Attack and nexting cost increased from 1,200 to 1,300.
  • Gold/Elixir Storage loot cap increased from 550,000 to 600,000.
  • DE Storage loot cap increased from 4,500 to 5,000.
  • Max gold/elixir loot in war increased from 130,000 to 140,000.
  • Max DE loot in war increased from 700 to 750.
  • Max gold loot in legend league increased from 500,000 to 550,000.
  • Max gold/elixir in loot cart increased from 2,600,000 to 2,800,000.
  • Max DE in loot cart increased from 5,200 to 5,600.
  • Max gold/elixir in reengagement loot cart increased from 16,000,000 to 17,000,000.
  • Max DE in reengagement loot cart increased from 160,000 to 170,000.
  • Max gold/elixir in Treasury increased from 4,000,000 to 4,400,000.
  • Max DE in Treasury increased from 20,000 to 22,000.

New hero pets

With the new Town Hall, a new king of unit is coming to Clash of Clans. Upon upgrading to Town Hall 14, players will unlock the Pet House. Here, you will be able to manage your hero pets. Upgrading the Pet House will give players new pets at each level. These are:

  • Level one unlocks L.A.S.S.I
  • Level two unlocks Electro Owl
  • Level three unlocks Mighty Yak
  • Level four unlocks Unicorn

Every hero in Clash of Clans will be able to take one of these pets into battle. Each pet offers different perk to the hero. Diversifying your heroes by assigning different pets to them will be crucial in the game.

Hero pets, just like heroes, can be upgraded by utilizing Magic Items.


  • Ability: High Jumper. LA.S.S.I can jump over Walls to attack targets on the other side.
  • Favorite target: Within 2.5 Tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement speed: 32
Image via Supercell

Electro Owl

  • Ability: High Voltage. Electro Owl’s attack bounces to a nearby target.
  • Favorite target: Hero’s Target
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Movement speed: 20
Image via Supercell

Mighty Yak

  • Ability: Wall Buster. Mighty Yak deals extra damage to Walls.
  • Favorite target: Within seven Tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement speed: 24
Image via Supercell


  • Ability: Personal Healer. Unicorn follows and heals the Hero it is paired with.
  • Favorite target: Hero
  • Heal type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Movement speed: 16
Image via Supercell

New Battle Builders

Defensive Builder’s Huts

Upgrading to Town Hall 14 also enables players to upgrade their Builders Huts. On upgrading to level two or above, the structure will be equipped with a weaponized turret which will shoot down enemy troops.

  • Range: Six Tiles
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Favorite target: Any
Image via Supercell

Builders Battle Back

After upgrading the Town Hall to level 14, the Builder will also take part in defending your village. He will repair damage which is done to your base’s structures.

The Builder can’t be damaged by enemy troops. But spells like Poison and Freeze will disrupt his repairs. The lightning spell, on the other hand, will make him reset his repair target.

Upon destroying the Builder Hut, the Builder will stop repairing buildings.

Balance Changes

  • Level six Clone Spell house space effect has been increased from 33 to 34.
  • Super Giant HP has been reduced by 200.
  • Super Minion DPS has been decreased by 50. HP has been increased by 100.
  • Inferno Dragon level two DPS has been decreased from 80-1600 to 79-1580 and HP reduced by 50.
  • Inferno Dragon beam cooldown time has been increased from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds.
  • Increase max Spell donation count by one for Clans of Level four and above.
  • Level eight Inferno Tower will have six beams while in Multi-Inferno mode.

Donation Changes

Clan Castle LevelDonated Troop Laboratory Level Cap
15 (TH7)
26 (TH8)
37 (TH9)
48 (TH10 inc. Sneaky Goblin)
59 (TH11 inc Super Barbarian, Super Archer, and Super Wall Breaker)
610 (TH12 including all remaining Super Troops)
711 (TH13)
8Can receive any level troops

Starter challenges, recruitment tool improvements, and cost reductions

You can read more about them here.

New achievements

Supercell has added new achievements aimed at high-level players to accomplish.

  • Not So Easy This Time – Destroy weaponized Town Halls in multiplayer battles.
  • Siege Sharer – Donate Siege Machines (Note: Since Siege Machine donations are now counted towards this Achievement, they are no longer counted towards the Friend in Need Achievement).
  • Superb Work – Boost Super Troops.
  • Bust This! – Destroy weaponized Builder Huts in multiplayer battles.


  • Boosts on Heroes or Buildings are no longer cancelled when an upgrade is started and will continue to run in the background.
  • Practice mode levels are now only available at the same Town Hall as the level, not one earlier.
  • Ongoing Lab upgrade timer continues normally when Lab is upgraded and can be finished with Gems or a Book. New unit/spell upgrades still cannot be started before the Lab upgrade is completed.
  • Move some of the obstacles from the new Village starting layout closer to the edges so there’s larger continuous empty space for the Village.
  • The rewards for the first 19 Goblin Map levels after the tutorial have been increased for a better new player experience:
    • Values for level 20 and beyond remain unchanged.


UI changes

  • Achievements are now listed in a more sensible order.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when pressing Finish Training in the Training Screen.
  • New icon for max poison DPS to distinguish it from normal DPS.
  • Lab research screen is accessible during Lab upgrade.
  • Keep the level badge flame burning in combat HUD when all troops or spells are deployed.
  • Use popover to show what the new buildings/traps are in TH/BH upgrade screen.

3D assets

  • The default skin for the Barbarian King has been updated by adding more triangles to better capture the character and essence of his royalty.
  • The custom textures take full advantage of the new shaders.

IOS changes

  • The default frame rate for 120FPS iPad Pro models is set to 60FPS to preserve battery usage. To switch to 120FPS, users can visit the new Higher Frame Rate option under “More Settings” that will allow you to revert to 120FPS.
  • Supercell now uses Apple’s Metal graphics API on supported devices. This offers more efficient performance and should reduce power usage while playing the game.
  • To use Facebook’s social features, it’s now necessary to grant permission for cross app-tracking.

Bug fixes

Supercell has fixed a number of bugs in the game ranging from gameplay-related ones to issues affecting the UI, VFX, and layout editor. Players can find the full list of bug fixes in the patch notes.