Here are some tips to win Basket Brawl games in Brawl Stars

It's the perfect game mode for bulky Brawlers to shine.

Image via Supercell

Basket Brawl, the latest game mode to spice up Brawl Stars, is here, with dynamic and short games where fast Brawlers thrive.

It pits two teams of three players on a small basketball field. They have to score points by approaching the line and throwing the ball into the basket, rewarding them up to three points for a successful throw.

For now, it’s a time-limited game mode, and it rewards trophies–but the reverse is true if you lose. Players who earn 15 wins on it for its first rotation, which will last seven days, will be rewarded 1,000 tokens to level up their battle pass.

If you want to get those wins faster, here are some tips Basket Brawl games in Brawl Stars.

Screengrab via Supercell

Don’t take long-ranged or slow Brawlers

Basket Brawl maps are very small, even more than past modes like Brawl Ball. Half the length of the map equates to Piper’s range, so you’ll deal with short distance or even melee encounters most of the time. Thus, Brawlers like her or Belle, Colt and other snipers, as well as midrange Brawlers such as Pam are not ideal in this game mode. Even if you have challenges to complete with such Brawlers, it’s more prudent to boot up another mode rather than Basket Brawl.

Melee Brawlers will ball out

It’s called Basket Brawl, but it’s more like a rugby game when you watch how players gather at the center to melee their way out with the ball. As such, short-ranged Brawlers should be picked over others.

There are other qualities like mobility and AoE damage that will aid you greatly. Mobility is very strong because if you start a round with the ball, you can sprint your way to the opponent’s basket and throw the ball before the enemies will have the time to take you down, while your teammates hopefully cover you.

More often than not, players want to rush their opponents just to see who will become the last to survive in the melee, making AoE damage a great way to deal with them. Here is a list of Brawlers who have been dominating the game mode due to their strength:

  • Bull
  • El Primo
  • Rosa
  • Carl
  • Jacky
  • Frank
  • Edgar

You can use your Super to make a strong throw

Supers can be used in two ways in Basket Brawl. It has its basic use for a strong special attack, and the other allows your Brawler to throw the ball with more strength. It can be a huge point swing if it’s used to make a shot from outside the three-point line to score three points. In some situations, you can choose to use this instead of your Super to make this high-risk, high-reward play.

Score a three-pointer from the corner

When you play Basket Brawl, you’ll see that the basket moves up and down at a constant pace, and it can be used to your advantage.

Track where the basket is heading towards a corner, and you can head there to attempt a three-pointer with just a normal throw instead of a super. If it’s close enough, you’ll be able to score and swing the momentum while retaining your super.