New Basket Brawl mode joins Brawl Stars

You're going to miss a lot of throws at first.

Image via Supercell

Basketball fans will have a new way to link both of their interests in Brawl Stars since a new game mode, Basket Brawl, has been introduced to the mobile title, Supercell announced on Twitter.

The rules are simple: “Throw the ball into the opposing team’s basket,” the description reads. “You score two points up close, and three points from behind the line. The match ends when one team has ten points, or the time runs out.”

It sounds easy to score points, but it’s not. The hoop moves up and down, which makes it harder to aim your shot. Players also have to estimate the curve of the shot to score instead of shooting in a straight line like in Brawl Ball. You’ll have to get used to its gameplay before being able to succeed on every attempt.

The game mode has replaced Robo Rumble in the Trophy Events tab among the other permanent game modes. The map will rotate roughly every day and it’ll remain in the game’s menu for seven days, at least according to the new seasonal quests dedicated to the mode.

Players will be rewarded 1,000 battle pass tokens by earning 15 wins in Basket Brawl thanks to this new special quest. They’ll have one week to complete it. Then, it’ll be replaced by a challenge tied to another limited-time game mode.

Since it’s new, it’s not yet possible to create Basket Brawl maps with the Map Maker tool. Depending on its popularity, however, it might join the game as a permanent game mode and be added to the map maker in the future.