Grom’s second star power is available in Brawl Stars

Grom is the latest Brawler to debut in the game.

Image via Supercell

Grom enthusiasts are in for a treat. The character’s second star power was introduced to the Brawl Stars live servers today, Supercell has revealed.

The second star power, called X-Factor, allows Grom to deal up to 30 percent more damage using the split mechanic of his main attack, but it only applies to maximal distance effects.

This aggressive tool supplements his protective first-star power, called Foot Patrol, which offers a movement speed boost when Grom is fully charged.

Grom is the latest character to join the game following the release of Lola at the start of the ongoing season. He was particularly strong before players got used to his main attack’s pattern and learned to dodge his damage

He launches a ball that splits into four when touching the ground, dealing damage on a plus form. This is a unique pattern in the game. While players are starting to find more ways to counter the character, the new star power should give him back some strength.

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Not everyone can use his star power, however. The character must reach power level nine to enable the use of the tool. Meanwhile, only power level seven must be reached to equip a gadget. Grom has one, which offers a tool that gains vision on the map. He will likely get another in a later update.

Season nine, which is called Brawlywood, is scheduled to end next week. It will be followed by season 10 after maintenance, which will be called The Year of the Tiger and includes an event that will celebrate the Lunar New Year.