Brawl Stars Championship to return in 2022 with some big changes

A md-seasonal invitational will also take place next year.

Image via Supercell

Supercell announced details for the Brawl Stars Championship (BSC) 2022 today. The championship will return with a bigger format, higher prize pool, a mid-season invitational, and more next year.

The Finnish company has also announced that it will increase support for grassroots competitions. This is good news for Brawl Stars esports fans who can compete in more tournaments besides the official BSC roadmap to hone their skills.

The BSC will kick off in February 2022 with the open-for-all monthly qualifiers. This will lead to the first monthly final in March. There will be several monthly competitions throughout the year, which will determine the teams in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022.

Supercell will also be using the Power Match format for the monthly qualifiers and finals from next year. In this, the teams will enter into a draft phase before matches where they can pick and ban Brawlers.

Additionally, the monthly qualifiers will feature a double-elimination bracket. This will ensure more competitive fairness throughout the competition in case two strong teams are drafted into the same bracket early in the qualifiers. Supercell has also said that it will be increasing the prize pool for the monthly finals in 2022.

A new competition is also being added to the Brawl Stars esports calendar in 2022, which is the mid-season invitational (MSI). It will feature the top teams from the BSC who will compete “face-to-face” in an offline venue for the prize money.

After all monthly finals, the top 16 teams from around the world will advance to the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022. The slots distribution is as follows:

  • LATAM South: Two teams
  • Mainland China: One team
  • EECA: Two teams
  • EMEA: Five teams
  • East Asia: Two teams
  • SESA and ANZ: One team
  • North America and LATAM North: Three teams