Goblin Drill now available in Clash Royale’s new challenge

Unlock the new card by getting six wins without three losses.

Image via Supercell

Get ready to drill across the arena. Clash Royale’s latest card is available for free in the Goblin Drill Release Draft Challenge. The new card can be unlocked by reaching six wins. 

The challenge provides an even playing field since all cards and towers will be at level nine. At the beginning of each match, the two players will have to select four cards. These four cards and the ones your opponent didn’t select will be your deck for the match. One of the players will have the Goblin Drill as well. 

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You must get six wins without losing three matches to unlock the Goblin Drill. Going further to 12 wins will reward you with a new emote. All the rewards for each win are as follows:

  1. 2,500 gold
  2. 2,500 gold
  3. Legendary chest
  4. 2,500 gold
  5. 2,500 gold
  6. Goblin Drill card
  7. 2,500 gold
  8. 2,500 gold
  9. Legendary chest
  10. 2,500 gold
  11. 2,500 gold
  12. Goblin Drill emote

The Goblin Drill has been released along with the 24th season of the game, called Rumble in the Jungle. It is a four-elixir rare card that enables players to drill across the arena, like the Gold Miner, and erupt at any location. The drill will slowly spawn goblins onto the battlefield.