Here are the patch notes for Clash Royale’s 2021 summer update

A lot of new features are being added to the game.

Image via Supercell

Summer is right around the corner and so is a huge update to Clash Royale that’s bringing a new card, more ways to earn gold, Clan Wars II changes, and much more.

The release date for the update hasn’t been revealed yet. It will likely be released around the end of season 23, which will happen on June 7. But here’s everything that’s coming in Clash Royale’s 2021 summer update.

Trophy road extension

  • Right now, the trophy road ends at 7,000 trophies. This will no longer be the case since Supercell has extended it to 8,000 trophies.
  • With this, the leagues have also been increased to 5,000 trophies.

New arenas

With the increase in the trophy road, two new arenas will be joining the game: Rascals Hideout and Serenity Peak.

Image via Supercell


  • The league will begin at 5,000 trophies. The more you climb, the fewer trophies you’ll get reset by every season. The changes are as follows:
No.LeaguePercent reset beforePercent reset after
1. Challenger One5050
2.Challenger Two50 50
3.Challenger Three5050
4.Master One5040
5.Master Two 5040
6.Master Three5040
8.Grand Champion5030
9. Royal Champion5030
10.Ultimate Champion5030
  • When season 24 begins, players who reset below 5,000 trophies won’t be in the leagues anymore.

Trophy loss changes

  • From Master One onward, the number of trophies a player gains from victory will be the same they get from a loss. The exact amount, however, will continue to depend on the trophy count of your opponent.
  • As a result, leagues will now become a bit more challenging to climb. This will be compensated with a more even matchmaking.

More gold

Supercell is adding ways for players to earn more gold.

Gold Crates

  • Players above King Level 11 will now receive Gold Crates in their chest cycles. There will be three variants and they’ll unlock at three, eight, and 12 hours respectively. The longer the unlock time, the more gold will be in the crate.
  • The chances of getting a Gold Crate increase with King Level.
Image via Supercell

More bonus gold and shorter Pass Royale

  • The number of crowns required to complete the Pass Royale has been reduced. Some tiers will be unlockable after just five crowns.
  • Additionally, the bonus gold that players earn after completing the Pass Royale has been significantly increased, from 10,000 to 25,000 gold.
Image via Supercell

Clan Wars II changes

Several changes are being made to Clan Wars II as well. The first of these is that fame will now be called Medals.

Training and battle days

  • Clan Wars have been split into the training and battle days. On training days (Mondays to Wednesdays), players can earn gold by playing in the River Battles.
  • On battle days (Thursdays to Sundays), playing will be awarded medals, which will help your boat advance toward victory.

Other changes

  • Clan Wars are now moving toward a 24-hour format. At the end of each day, boats will advance based on the medals they earned that day.
  • At the end of each battle day, war chests will be rewarded to every clan based on their position on the river.
  • The boat defenses will also determine how far your clan advances on the river from the summer update. Based on the defenses that survive each battle day, the boat will move even more forward.

New card: Goblin Drill

  • The card will send a drill that erupts in the assigned location along with several goblins.
  • It costs four elixir to use in battle and comes in the epic rarity.
Image via Supercell

Quality-of-life improvements

  • Players will be able to go backward as well as forward in battle replays now.
  • More permanent game modes have been added to friendly battles.
  • Players will now be able to select tower skins and randomize them. Thus, each match will have a different tower skin.
  • Five more deck slots have been added. Thus, players will now have 10 deck slots.
Image via Supercell

Balance changes

The second balance changes for the year are here. A lot of changes are being made.

Fire Spirit

  • Elixir cost: Reduced (2 > 1)
  • Unit count: Reduced (3 > 1)
  • Damage: Increased by six percent
  • Hitpoints: Increased by 109 percent
  • Jump range: Increased by 25 percent
  • Damage radius: Increased by 47 percent


  • Now spawns one reworked Fire Spirit
  • Two extra waves, now every seven seconds
  • Lifetime: Reduced by two percent

Elite Barbarians

  • Sight range: Increased by nine percent


  • Rascal Girl first hit: Faster (1sec > 0.8sec)

Giant Skeleton

  • Doubled death damage to towers


  • Hit speed: Increased by 10 percent

Cannon Cart

  • Hit speed in the destroyed state: Increased by 10 percent


  • Golem Death Damage: Reduced by 28 percent

Ice Wizard

  • Hitpoints: Reduced by three percent.
  • The Ice Wizard will now die to a fireball.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed multiple issues reported by players
  • Fixed 50+ members in war bug
  • Fixed Magic Coin and trades bug
  • Fixed drop glitch
  • Players can now spectate SCID friends battles
  • Fixed some issues for Fisherman
  • Bandit’s dash no longer continues after the timer reaches zero
  • Removed Strike icon from Pass Royale
  • Fixed missing Mirror deployment animation
  • Localization fixes/updates
  • UI Improvements
  • Other minor fixes/improvement