Free Fire Time event is offering free gun boxes, costumes, vouchers, and more

You can get multiple rewards by logging in and playing every day until Nov. 22.

Image via Free Fire

As usual, Free Fire developer Garena has created tons of content to keep the game fresh throughout the month. From Nov. 6 to 22, players will earn rewards by playing and logging in every day with the Free Fire Time event.

Tomorrow only, players will also get a free three-day trial to test out two characters, as well as 10 cube fragments, just by logging in to the game and selecting both characters of their choice.

Screengrab via Free Fire

The event is split into two distinct parts. From Nov. 6 to 11, tokens will be able to be earned by completing daily missions and be exchanged for items such as vouchers. Calling back friends before Nov. 11 will also reward players with a Legendary gun box.

Then, from Nov. 13 to 22, daily logins will reward players with vouchers and more, as well as tokens to exchange by playing in Battle Royale, Clash Squad, and playing with friends. In addition, logging in from Nov. 9 to 16 will offer a different free gun box every day.

On top of new items and cosmetics, the Kill Secured game mode will return to Free Fire on Nov. 16 and will be available for a week. Playing the game mode will help players complete special missions and earn a permanent Mafia bundle costume. Kill Secured is a game mode similar to Deathmatch featuring two teams of four players.

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Nov. 14 will be one of the most important days of the Time event because players will be offered two incubator vouchers, a permanent skyboard, and two tokens upon logging in to Free Fire.

Meanwhile, fans only have one day left to collect Booyah to exchange for Halloween-themed items.