Free Fire OB20 Advanced Server shows new gun added to Kalahari map

Shield Gun brings a brand new feature to the game; new mode and character also on the way.

Image via Garena

Players who are testing the Free Fire OB20 update in the Advanced Server have reported the addition of a new gun in the Kalahari map. The weapon named Shield Gun creates a shield that protects the player and reduces the damage of incoming bullets. 

This is reportedly the first Free Fire gun that can be used to shoot and to protect the player at the same time. But the gun’s damage is apparently too low compared to other weapons available in the game, with only 10 damage when a bullet hits the body and 90 on headshots. 

Its shield covers the player’s whole body when they’re on the floor, which might make the new Shield Gun a good choice for close range fights. Also, the weapon’s accuracy can be helpful for beginners. 

In addition to the new features in the Kalahari map, the OB20 update will bring a new character, Steffie. She’s an artist that uses graffiti to reduce damages. At level one, Steffie is able to reduce explosion damage by 15 percent and bullet damage by five percent for five seconds. 

The Gun King mode is a new addition to Free Fire’s OB20 update as well. The Gun King will divide players in two teams with one weapon each. As players score kills, a kill badge is provided to upgrade the gun. The squad that upgrades weapons to the maximum level first wins the game.

The update will also add new emotes, a new factory near the Garage location in Bermuda, the Bomb Squad mode and a new pet called Poring to the game. 

Registered players can test the OB20 update until Feb. 7. Leaks suggest that the update will be available for all players in the main server on Feb.12. New features can be added after the test servers are closed by Garena.