Free Fire leak reveals new mode and pet could be coming to the game

These could drop with the OB20 update.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s next update could introduce a new pet and mode, a leak by YouTuber Free Fire Gamer’s Zone revealed.

The new pet is called Poring and it’ll reportedly fly along with your character in matches. The pet has an interesting ability that repairs the armor of the player who has equipped it, according to the YouTuber.

Bomb Squad could be the next mode coming to Free Fire. In this mode, there will reportedly be two teams and the map will also be divided into two parts—an attack and a defense zone. The goal of one of the two teams will be to drop the bomb, while the defending team will have to do whatever they can to stop that. The YouTuber also said that these are only leaks and fans may see some changes in the final update.

The new pet and mode will drop with the OB20 update, according to the YouTuber. An exact release date for the update still hasn’t been revealed. The Golden Pass of the game will end on Feb. 10, so fans can expect the update after that.

The Free Fire Advance Server registrations for the update have already opened. The Advance Server will go live from Jan. 31 to Feb. 7.