EVOS Phoenix win Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 Bangkok

Twice is nice.

Image via Garena

EVOS Phoenix are the winners of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 Bangkok. The now two-time FFWS champions finished the grand finals on the top of the scoreboard with 117 points, 54 kills and 2 Booyah!. The team from Thailand won their first international championship at home, after already taking first place at the FFWS 2021 Singapore and second place at the FFWS 2022 Sentosa. Besides the title of world champions, EVOS Phoenix will also take home the prize of $500,000.

The squad secured their win only after the results of the final match, after surpassing Vivo Keyd. The Brazilian team ended the last day of the FFWS 2022 Bangkok in second place, with 114 points, 52 kills and 1 Booyah!. After a hard day of eight matches, Vivo Keyd will travel back home with the prize of $250,000.

The MVP of the tournament was Moshi, EVOS Phoenix player. His team really had an extraordinary journey at the FFWS 2022 Bangkok, after qualifying as second-seed for the tournament. The first-seed for Thailand was Nigma Galaxy, who won the Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season Seven and earned the third place at the last 2022 edition of the FFWS with 97 points, 50 kills and 1 Booyah!.

The end of the FFWS 2022 Bangkok marks the grand finale of the Free Fire competitive year. In the first semester of 2023, teams will battle again in their regional championships and, following past seasons, reunite for the first edition of the FFWS of the year. 

Image via Free Fire Esports Brasil