Everything we know about Free Fire Max

The new game will bring enhanced graphics, but it’s not ready yet.

Image via Garena

Free Fire Max is an enhanced and more advanced version of Garena’s famous battle royale. Even though the game’s release date hasn’t been announced yet, some players have reportedly been testing the beta already. 

Rumors and leaks about the new game have been circulating on the internet, claiming it’d be released with the OB21 update that dropped on April 8. There’s still no confirmation about Free Fire Max, however. But what is known is that the upcoming version will bring a new interface and features.

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Free Fire is expanding all over the world, especially because it doesn’t require a cutting-edge smartphone with a lot of space to run smoothly. The Max version would bring the opposite, enhancing all the best parts of the battle royale for players who have high-end phones and are looking to experience a better version of the game.

With an Android version being developed and an iOS one on the way, the game is supposedly a little less than one GB in size. It’s also already appeared on the LATAM server for a beta test a while ago, according to Pocket Gamer.

Aside from higher-quality visuals, Free Fire Max can bring special effects linked to special skills, RPG-style. Even though the new version will probably have new characters and skins, your current Free Fire account should carry over to the new game.

The game sounds exciting for battle royale and Free Fire fans. Even though it doesn’t have a release date yet, it’s set to be a success just like the original version.

This piece will be updated with any official news released by Garena about Free Fire Max.