Clash Royale season 12 is called Prince’s Dream

It'll bring the Skeleton Dragons card and several emotes.

Image via Supercell

The time of the dragons will end on June 1 when the next season of Clash Royale, Prince’s Dream, will be introduced to the popular mobile game.

This season will introduce the Skeleton Dragons card, a new arena and Pass Royale, and a buff for the Prince card, Supercell announced last night.

Image via Supercell

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Players who reached the Legendary level in season 11 will be put in a cloudy arena dedicated to the upcoming season. The Pass Royale will reward an exclusive emote of the Prince and a tower skin. Two other emotes will be purchasable in the shop and can be earned by completing a challenge.

Image via Supercell

The Skeleton Dragons card will deploy two dragons who deal air damage to an area. Its range is equal to the Baby Dragon card, but its hit speed is higher by 0.2 seconds. It deals a similar amount of damage while being less rare with a Common status. It’s also more fragile than the Baby Dragon, however.

The card will be released after the launch of season 12 on June 5. It’ll join the card pool when players reach arena 10, Hog Mountain.

Balance changes will also usher in a new meta next month. The Prince card could return to the meta thanks to receiving a buff to its hit points. Building cards, on the other hand, will be nerfed once again after season 11. The Bomb Tower, in particular, will have its lifetime reduced by 29 percent.

Supercell is reverting the buff to the recent Royal Delivery card by reducing its falling damage by 10 percent. The card with the most changes, though, is the Earthquake. It held a significant spot in the season 11 meta, but it’ll be reworked in season 12 to essentially be used for slowing enemies and punishing misplaced troops.

All of the changes coming with season 12 can be found on RoyaleAPI.