Clash of Clans releases optional update to fix bugs in major June 2021 update

A lot of issues have been addressed.

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans’ June 2021 update was a major one. To mark the beginning of the summer, Supercell released two new troops, several quality of life improvements, more levels to Town Hall 14’s buildings and troops, and more.

The update was accompanied with a lot of bugs, however. To address these, Supercell has released the optional update v14.93.4. Players on Android and iOS can download this through their respective application stores.

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The following bug and changes have been implemented in this optional update:

  • The max level Air Bomb’s color appearance has been updated.
  • Blinking arrows on the Star Laboratory screen in Builder Base have been fixed.
  • The missing Clan name over the Clan Castle bug has been fixed.
  • After the June update, if there were multiple levels of the same spell donated in the Clan Castle, the first was displayed on the attack bar. This bug has been fixed.
  • An issue that made switching to donated Siege Machines impossible has been fixed.
  • The deployment bar scale being unintentionally synced between iOS devices signed in to the same iCloud account. This will no longer happen after the optional update.

Clash of Clans’ June 2021 update added the Rocket Balloon super troop. It’s a hot air balloon fitted with rocket boosters that zooms across the enemy base and rams into structures. The new troop, Dragon Rider, is also an aerial one, where a skeleton rides a mechanical dragon and fires cannonballs.