Belle’s new Star Power Grounded launched on Brawl Stars

The new power will lock the enemy for good.

Screengrab via Supercell

Brawl Star‘s latest Brawler, Belle, received her second Star Power, Grounded, today.

“Getting marked by Belle’s Super prevents the target from reloading for three seconds,” the power’s description reads. It’s available in random boxes for players who earned enough trophies to reach power nine on the Brawler

This latest Star Power offers a different strategy that will please the even most aggressive players, since it will allow them to lock on a target and focus them down with little resistance. Belle’s players will want to select their target even more carefully, since an opponent who used up their ammo will be way more vulnerable if they can’t reload to defend themselves.

Belle’s first star power, on the contrary, offers her protection. It’s best for players who don’t want to play aggressively or in specific game modes, such as Knockout. It’s called Positive Feedback and grants Belle a 25 percent shield when her basic attack hits a target.

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The sniper also received a gadget called Nest Egg, which drops a trap on the ground that deals 500 damage and slows anyone who stumbled upon it for three seconds.

Belle is a chromatic-rarity Brawler, which means she’s difficult to obtain. The best way to obtain her is to buy the premium Brawl Pass of season six, where she is unlocked as a reward for reaching tier 30 in the pass.

Meanwhile, an official release date of the upcoming Brawler Squeak set to be introduced during the season, has yet to be unveiled by Supercell. Season six, The Goldarm Gang, still has 39 days to go before being replaced by the next season.