Battlefield Mobile’s first gameplay screenshots are here

It will be released next year.

Image via DICE

Battlefields Mobile is now open for pre-registration in select regions of the world through the Google Play Store. The game was recently added to the Android app store and contained the first look at the upcoming shooter title.

The page said that the game will contain modes and maps which will be “both new and familiar to veteran players.” This could be indicating that Electronic Arts could do something similar to Activision’s CoD: Mobile, which has maps and modes from across the franchise.

The screenshots look like the game will offer the same fast-paced action with which Battlefield fans are familiar with. Players will be able to drive tanks and ATVs, all while taking down the enemies with different weapons from a first-person perspective.

The game will offer a variety of classes to players. These are assault, support, medic, and recon, which can be selected based on a player’s playstyle. Players will also be able to build different loadouts containing class-specific specializations as well.

Image via Electronic Arts

Battlefield Mobile was first announced as a standalone title for Android and iOS in development last May. EA had said that the game will be launching in 2022. The company has revealed that the first tests will be conducted in fall 2021 for Android users in Indonesia and the Philippines. It will be playable on devices running Android 7.0 or higher, however, these aren’t the final system requirements for the game.

Update Sept. 3 6am CT: Added information regarding the first tests for the game in fall 2021.