All Free Fire Pro Series (FFPS) North America teams qualified for the finals

Twelve teams will battle to become the first FFPS North America champions.

Image via Garena

The Free Fire Pro Series (FFPS) North America is the first official competition for Garena’s battle royale in the region. With the end of the Open Qualifier stages, the 12 best teams from the tournament will compete in the grand finals. This last stage starts on Dec. 17 and ends on Dec. 19, when one squad will take home the honor of being the first FFPS North America champions.

With a $50,000 prize pool, the competition had over 300 registrations for the Open Qualifiers. This number was reduced to 24 in the second Open Qualifier stage. Now, the final 12 teams will compete over three days, with six matches per day. The final stage will be streamed live on the Free Fire North America’s official YouTube channel starting at 5pm CT.

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Aside from their share of the prize pool, players and teams can also win a prize bonus for bounties, such as Most Total Kills, Most Team Booyahs, Kings of Bermuda, and others.

Here are the 12 teams competing in the grand finals of the Free Fire Pro Series (FFPS) North America: 

  • La Bahia PFS
  • Fuego
  • North Blood
  • Invalidos
  • Club 9D
  • Osaka
  • R15 Oficial
  • LA ONU
  • Wasaka Esport
  • IT Official
  • Team Money
  • Skullbreaker