All fighting styles in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier explained

There are four fighting styles in the game.

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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a new battle royale game by Square Enix set 30 years before the events of FFVII.

In this game, 75 players drop onto the map Midgar to decide the champions. One of the most important elements of the game are the fighting styles. The First Soldier has four fighting styles, namely Warrior, Sorcerer, Monk, and Ranger. Selecting an ideal one could be the deciding factor for victory.

Each style has a base trait, ability, and skill. Playing with a particular style will make you advance levels in its mastery. There are 11 levels for each style, and moving through these will unlock two more skills and an ability. Players can choose a single ability and skill to equip in the style mastery menu.

While there isn’t a single best fighting style, an ideal squad will have all four of them. If you are playing solo, it’s best to read about them and select the one that best suits your playstyle. Aggressive players will prefer the Warrior style while passive players will find the Monk to be ideal.

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Before being deployed into Midgar, players will be able to select their preferred style. Here is everything you need to know about them.


Fearless Charge (Trait)

  • The Warrior’s trait increases the distance for melee attacks. It also creates a barrier when an enemy is attacked or when the Rush ability is used.


The three skills for the Warrior class are as follows. The Siphon Slash is unlocked by default. The other two have to be unlocked by advancing through the style mastery.

  • Siphon Slash: Players will recover a fixed amount of HP when damage is dealt by a melee weapon.
  • Warrior Spirit: This skill increases the barrier applied by Fearless Charge and Rush.
  • Countershield: On taking damage, a barrier is created that faces the direction of the attack.


The Rush ability is unlocked by default. The other ability has to be unlocked by advancing in the style mastery.

  • Rush: This ability grants you the power to move rapidly in the direction the player is facing.
  • Punisher: This increases the melee attack damage, range, and movement speed for a small period.


Magic Boost (Trait)

  • Increases MP by one and also augments the Fire/Blizzard/Thunder materia.


The Concentration skill is unlocked by default. The other two have to be unlocked through the style mastery.

  • Concentration: Increases the recovery speed of MP.
  • Etheric Drain: Recover HP or MP by a fixed amount on using Fire/Blizzard/Thunder materia to kill an enemy.
  • Magic Detector: When an enemy nearby uses materia, it will be indicated on your mini-map.


The Arcane Field ability is unlocked by default.

  • Arcane Field: Creates a field that increases MP recovery and cooldown recovery speed.
  • Trance: Trance reduces the MP cost, increases materia by one level, and also increases the player’s movement speed for a short period.


Inner Strength (Trait)

  • When a player is at 20 percent HP or less for some time, it will automatically recover a fixed amount of damage.
  • Additionally, the critical damage is increased by 100 percent for a single time.


Revitalize is unlocked by default.

  • Revitalize: This increases the HP recovery of the monk.
  • Chakra Unleashed: Immediately recovers a small amount of HP when a lot of damage is received suddenly. It can only be used once per level.
  • Awakened Strength: Increases the recovery amount for the monk’s Inner Strength trait.


The Manawall is unlocked by default.

  • Manawall: Creates a defense barrier in front of the player that reduces incoming damage.
  • Chakra Field: Creates a field that removes poison and constantly recovers HP for candidates inside the field.


Mark (Trait)

  • When you ADS onto an enemy for a short period or fire at them, they will be marked.


The Sniper Eye is unlocked by default.

  • Sniper Eye: Enemies will appear more clearly when you ADS.
  • Silencer: As the name suggests, it reduces the firing sound of all weapons.
  • Acute Sense: If an enemy catches you in their scope, a reflective light will appear to block their vision slightly.


The Assess ability is unlocked by default.

  • Assess: Marks nearby candidates, blizzard effects, and gravity effects on the map.
  • Control: Grants you the ability to manipulate a slug-ray to scout the surrounding area.

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