The best drop spots in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

The location you land on could decide on whether you win or lose.

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix is bringing a new mobile battle royale game in the Final Fantasy universe. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier takes place 30 years before the events of FFVII in the capital city of the Shinra Electric Power Company’s giant industrial enterprise, Midgar.

The map, Midgar, is fairly large and contains a lot of different drop locations. Final Fantasy fans will be able to recognize most of these from the franchise. Here are five of the best locations you can drop into in FFVII

Sector 7 Station

The Sector Seven Station is situated towards the center of the map, which makes rotations easy. 

While there isn’t a lot of scattered loot, the huge number of crates makes it a really good drop location. Some parts of the station provide a lot of cover but the crates are usually situated along the railway track, which is comparatively open. 

Corneo’s Mansion

The ruthless crime lord Don Corneo’s mansion makes a really good drop location in The First Soldier. Corneo is one of the antagonists in FFVII

The mansion is large and has several buildings enclosed within a boundary. There is a lot of loot inside these structures. Keep your sword in hand as you can bump into enemies in close range inside the mansion. 

Corneo’s Mansion is situated almost in the center of Midgar. Be wary; the location is sure to be a hot drop. 


Corneo’s Colosseum is also present in FFVII: The First Soldier. If you want to avoid any hot drops but still gain a lot of loot, the Colosseum is the location to do so. 

It is situated in the corner of the map, so pay attention as the circle closes in and be quick to rotate. 

The Colosseum is just like the one in FFVII. The stadium-like structure makes it open. Avoiding other enemies who land in the location will be close to impossible. Take them out before stocking up on supplies. 

Sector 7 Undercity

The Undercity for Sector Seven is a comparatively medium-sized area. It will provide a good location for squads to land into and quickly loot up for battle. 

There are a lot of buildings and other structures in the area that provide good cover and make gunfights exciting. The upper floor of the buildings can easily be accessed by parkouring onto them. 

Entertainment District

This area is one of the more eye-catching parts of the map. It is filled with lanterns that give it a beautiful look. 

It’s another great location for squads as well as solo players to land in. Situated between the Colosseum and Corneo’s Mansion, the Entertainment District will also be good for easy rotations. 

While these are some of the locations you could aim at landing in FFVII: The First Soldier, you shouldn’t always land there. Reaching the ground first instead of landing in good spots is better to avoid getting killed. The game has a unique drop mechanism in which every player or team starts a match in a helicopter over a random part of the map. 

By the time you fly to a good location and drop down, the location could already be crawling with enemies. Finding a balance between a decent drop location and reaching the ground first is important for survival and eventual victory.