What is Azoth in New World and how is it used?

Azoth is one of New World's most prominent resources.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon’s new MMO, New World, launched its closed beta testing period today. The closed beta will be active for the next two weeks and will allow players to make as much progress as possible before all characters are wiped prior to the game’s release later this year. 

As players progress in New World, they’ll come across countless different resources. But none are quite as important as Azoth. Azoth is one of the most pivotal resources that players will find throughout their journey in Aeternum. The mineral has immense magical properties and can be used in several different ways.

Any and all magical and supernatural powers on Aeternum are a result of Azoth. It’s unclear where this mineral came from and how it gave the land (and its denizens) magical powers, but it’s assumed by citizens across Aeternum that Azoth is a cosmic force. Upon completing the New World tutorial, players will learn that people on Aeternum don’t truly die and that Azoth is the cause of resurrection on the continent.  

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But while Azoth most definitely serves a place in the lore of New World, it also plays a role in the game’s mechanics and gameplay as well. Primarily, Azoth serves as a form of currency. Additionally, it can be used in the crafting menu to substantially increase the power of any bonuses that are inlaid into a crafted item.

Players can also spend Azoth to respec a Mastery Tree of any of their weapons or to fast travel to settlements that they’ve previously visited. But the more distance that you travel by way of this method, the more Azoth you’ll have to spend.

Players can stockpile Azoth and other resources throughout the course of the New World closed beta, which is set to last until Aug. 3 at 1:59am CT. New World will officially release on Aug. 31.