The most valuable items worth crafting and selling in New World

It's all about the money in the end.

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There’s plenty of reasons to focus on making money when you’re playing New World. Whether you’re maintaining or upgrading your gear, buying some final materials for a big item you’re crafting, or even purchasing a house and paying taxes on it, having gold comes in handy in Aeternum.

You’ll make a decent amount of money completing town board quests, faction quests, side quests, and main story quests, but the real cash is selling highly sought-after goods at the trading posts. You can make some money here selling raw materials in bulk or by crafting popular pieces of gear like bags or tools.

Here are a few of the most highly priced and valuable items at New World trading posts, and how you can craft them. Prices are based on current listings at Trading Posts in the Atvatbar server.

Adventurer’s Satchels

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These bags are a necessity for all players once they reach a certain level since they provide a huge boost to overall Encumbrance, while higher-quality satchels provide additional perks like a reduced weight for a specific selection of items, or extra luck finding rare gear or resources.

There are four types of Adventurer’s Satchels, each requiring 45 of a specific type of leather, 25 pieces of any type of linen, 10 ingots of any type of metal, and a specific Rune of Holding you can purchase with coin and faction tokens from your faction representative.

  • Coarse Leather Bag: +100 Encumbrance (base level), chance for one perk. Requires 45 Coarse Leather, 25 cloth, 10 metal ingots, one Minor Rune of Holding (costs 1000 faction tokens and 250 gold).
  • Rugged Leather Bag: +150 Encumbrance (base level), chance for two perks, need 50 Armoring skill. Requires 45 Rugged Leather, 25 cloth, 10 metal ingots, one Major Rune of Holding (costs 3000 faction tokens and 500 gold)
  • Layered Leather Bag: +225 Encumbrance (base level), chance for three perks, need 100 Armoring skill. Requires 45 Layered Leather, 25 cloth, 10 metal ingots, one Greater Rune of Holding (costs 5000 faction tokens and 1000 gold)
  • Infused Leather Bag: +300 Encumbrance (base level), chance for three perks, needs 150 Armoring skill. Requires 45 Infused Leather, 25 cloth, 10 metal ingots, one Grand Rune of Holding (costs 7000 faction tokens and 1500 gold)

The costs may go up to craft the better bags just by the Rune of Holding costs alone, but the potential money you can make off them can be worth it, especially if you spend just a little Azoth to ensure an Uncommon rarity and a pivotal perk.

Coarse Leather Bags and Rugged Leather Bags are being sold at Trading Posts between 800 and 1200 coins. Layered Leather Bags that have three perks and the Epic rarity are going for no less than 2000 upwards to 5000, while the Infused Leather Bags have listing up to 10000 coins. That’s a whole house!


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Everybody needs tools in Aeternum and the smart and sophisticated Engineer can turn a nice little profit for a relatively small material cost. The tools worth decent coin are the Starmetal and Orichalcum variety, with each type of tool costing 10-15 ingots of the matching metal ore, and a little bit of refined wood and leather. Higher-tier wood and leather means a higher gear score on the tool when crafted.

Like with the Satchels, it’s absolutely necessary to spend the Azoth to ensure the perks on the tools, since those perks will make the tools much more valuable on the Trading Posts. Starmetal pickaxes can sell between 100 to 400 coin each, depending on their rarity, while the Orichalcum ones sell for no lower than 300 and up to 2000. You’ll see similar prices for the other tools as well.

Cut Gemstones

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Are you a proficient Stonecutter with loose uncut gems scattered across all your storage sheds? Well, grab some motes and solvents, head over to the Stonecutting table, and start cutting those gemstones.

If you’ve been collecting chests at landmarks all this time while keeping up on Harvesting and Mining, you should have plenty of motes and solvent available to craft with. You can get raw gemstones from mining ore, and you can increase your chance of getting those with a high-quality pickaxe with the luck perk and a meal that increases your Mining luck. You can also just buy the materials from Trading Posts, like you can for any of these items.

Some of the more useful cut gemstones will bring back some quality coinage. A Cut Pristine Carnelian, perfectly suited for someone with a tank build in mind, costs no less than 500 coins. Other Cut Pristine gems like Moonstones and Diamonds sell for hundreds of coins as well.


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